At The LPG Centre we specialise in LPG/Autogas conversions for petrol vehicles. Conversions can be done to any petrol vehicle from the smallest run-around to MPVs, 4x4s, high performance cars and also commercial vehicles. The LPG conversion will be installed in addition to your petrol system making your vehicle dual fuel! You will be able to switch smoothly between LPG and petrol at the push of a button. The installations are completely custom designed for your individual requirements, from the tank size and shape to the location of key components such as the fuel gauge/switch, filling point and tank.

An Honest Approach.

We know that it can be a daunting task trying to make sense of what LPG is and the benefits for both you and your vehicle. Don’t worry though, as we are very knowledgeable and experienced in this field and will be very happy to talk you through the whole process. We will talk to you in a language you can understand, not just technical jargon. Afterwards you will have all the info you need to feel happy and confident to proceed. Should you want the technical jargon, we will be happy to go into great depths for you.

Family Run.

The LPG Centre is a family run business and we pride ourselves on supplying our customers with the complete tailor-made package that best suits their needs, installed to the highest level of workmanship and quality. All work is carried out is in accordance with the LPGA Code of Practice 11.

We offer the complete LPG Service which ranges from installation to servicing, upgrades, safety checks and configuration. Basically anything LPG and we’re your guys.

Motoring Costs.

As you are aware, the cost of motoring has been getting higher and higher. On top of that we are constantly aware of our environment and how our cars are one of the largest contributors to our carbon footprint. With an LPG conversion you will immediately reduce your CO2 emissions by 20%, as well reducing the emission of many other harmful exhaust gases.

What's more an LPG conversion will reduce your motoring costs by up to 50%!!! Who can afford to go without that kind of a saving? Your car will be cheaper, quieter and greener! Win Win Win

We have witnessed how poorly people have installed LPG and it’s a disgrace, and can be dangerous. We have made it our mission at The LPG Centre to supply every customer with the highest level of support, information and services. The LPGA’s Code of Practice 11 is a very precise set of guidelines on the safest and best way to do an LPG installation. The LPGA is the main governing body for LPG as a motor fuel. There are currently over 1400 LPG filling stations in the UK and that number is growing constantly.

We’re a friendly bunch and we’re always available and happy to discuss any matter. Or you could even just pop in for a cup of tea ….

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